Cambridgeshire-based manufacturer Meridian Audio intends to redefine the state of the wireless art after announcing a new partnership with Imagination Technologies.

Meridian, long since respected as a leader in both digital and analogue audio quality, has announced (some) details of its technology partnership that is designed to help move the company into the burgeoning wireless audio market.

The manufacturer is collaborating with Imagination Technologies - and specifically its 'Caskeid' family of tech - in its efforts to bring high-end audio quality to the multi-room and multi-channel wireless audio sector.   

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Caskeid's input will centre on providing the most accurate synchronisation (for optimum audio quality) and low latency (for rapidity of system-wide response). Caskeid's know-how, plus its compatibility with the likes of Spotify, Deezer, Rdio and more, has already led to agreements with the likes of Onkyo and Pure

One Caskeid-enabled speaker is able to synchronise content with other speakers in the group, and the technology claims to offer audiophile-quality stereo playback with less than 25μS synchronisation accuracy in its quest to offer "a true wi-fi hi-fi" listening experience that removes the need for wired connections.

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Discussing the imminent collaboration, Meridian Audio chairman Bob Stuart said: "Imagination and its Caskeid family of technologies... is the only wireless multi-room synchronisation technology out there that truly delivers a platform for high quality audio."

Imagination Technologies CEO Hossein Yassaie added: "Partnerships like this will elevate the listening experience and bring audio quality back to the centre stage, enabling music fans to hear content as the artist originally intended."

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ellisdj's picture

Can wireless ever compete

Can wireless ever compete with a wired connection or will it always be for the image conscious over the pure sound quality enthusiast -- only time will tell

Graham Luke's picture

Yes and no. I can detect zero

Yes and no. I can detect zero difference in SQ between playing music wirelessly over my Sonos system and from my wired Yamaha.

Image consciousness had little bearing on purchasing my excellent Sonos; it was purely a case of space, practicality and, lastly, aesthetics.

I am utterly thrilled with the Playbar, Sub and Play 1 combination in my main living area and then there is the TV sound... Superb.


ellisdj's picture

Why I am sure that is a good

Why I am sure that is a good solution you are referring to there - I am talking proper high end music playback.  Where everything matters.  I know disabling wifi in an audio pc makes a big improvement to soudn quality - this is a very simialr topic

I dont think the solution you have is in this category with all due respect but obviosuly your opinion is still valid

I have heard a half decent wireless streamed sound but it was half decent at best.  That was not a high end product either more convienience product really such as Sonos