Linn introduces 'Edition Hub' upgrade for five-star Selekt DSM music streamer

Linn introduces 'Edition Hub' upgrade for five-star Selekt DSM music streamer
(Image credit: Linn)

Linn's five-star Selekt DSM music streamer has had an upgrade. The Selekt DSM: Edition Hub offers the same just-add-speakers functionality as the standard model, but in a more premium enclosure. Not only does it look sleeker, but it also offers better rigidity and a new dial, too.

The improved rigidity comes courtesy of the all-machined construction, with four plates bolted together. The side pieces align with the base using pins, with four long bolts torqued-in for a rigid fix.

The vent is designed to look like a wave, with each aperture cut at an angle, and only every second one machined all the way through. This means it appears to ripple when seen from different angles.

The control dial is new, too. It has a precision stainless steel bearing for buttery smooth rotation, while the photo-etched steel halo around its edge allows light through from the 100 LEDs beneath.

The fascia is made from mirrored spy glass, and visible through it is the large-format display that fades to be invisible when not needed. 

Linn Selekt DSM Edition Hub dial

(Image credit: Linn)

Inside is an analogue-to-digital conversion stage that will take turntables and CD players, while digital connections let you hook up streaming devices, games consoles and Blu-ray players. The RCA line-out connectors will feed your subwoofer, while the 1/4" headphone jack lets you listen through a pair of cans.

Also inside is Linn's new Utopik power supply design, which promises to be "exceptionally efficient, highly responsive and precision-regulated".

Colour options? Silver- or black-anodised.

The existing Selekt DSM chassis design, which launched in 2018, will now be known as Selekt DSM: Classic Hub to differentiate it from the Edition Hub.

Linn Selekt DSM Edition Hub

(Image credit: Linn)

The Selekt DSM: Edition Hub costs £9950 (about $11,188, AU$17,784), while the Classic Hub is now £4900 (about $5500, AU$8800).

There's also a new Organik DAC module available as an add-on in either stereo or dual-mono configurations. This costs £5505 (about $6159, AU$9818) for the dual-mono, or £3250 ($3639, AU$5799) for the stereo version.


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