Linn adds Apple Mac and iTunes library support to DS media players

Linn Majik DS

KinsyDesktop for Mac is now available, allowing Apple Mac users to select and play music from a Linn DS or iTunes library while building playlists or viewing album artwork on their computer.

Mac users will get immediate access to their favourite albums, all played back in the highest possible quality through a Linn DS player, which can now be configured using Konfig for Mac.

In addition, the latest upgrade brings enhanced radio features to the DS range. Radio metadata is now added to the DS player, allowing listeners to identify which artists or track they're listening to from all compatible radio streams.

Radio DS is further enhanced with a new Shoutcast plug-in providing instant access to more than 75 high-quality 320Kb stations. UK users also get a BBC plug-in that makes the latest BBC radio podcasts and Listen Again broadcasts a simple click away.

Finally, Linn has reduced power consumption on all DS players when in standby or sleep mode.

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