Dynaudio Sapphire Blue
The final 30 pairs of Dynaudio's Sapphire speakers, limited to 1000 in all, will be finished in an eye-catching gloss blue finish

Clearly not au-fait with the average living room, Dynaudio has really pulled out the stops with its latest pair of Dynaudio Sapphire speakers.

Limited to a run of 1000, with each speaker's distinct number engraved on a metal plate on the back of the speaker, Dynaudio expects to be delivering the final pair in 3-4 months.

And the last 30 pairs of the Sapphire model will be available in this new gloss blue finish to go alongside the previously available Ivory, Amber, Bordeaux, Moccas, gloss white and piano black finishes.

For more information on the rangehead over the the Dynaudio website.