LG confirms 4K and 8K OLED TV prices and launch dates for the UK

LG confirms 4K and 8K OLED TV prices and launch dates for the UK
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Given LG's OLED success story in recent years, everyone has been keen to know pricing for LG's 2020 TV ranges ever since they were unveiled at CES back in January.

We already know LG OLED pricing for the US and now we've news on how much you can expect to pay in the UK and, more importantly, when individual models will hit stores.

Expect a staggered roll-out of LG OLED TV models over the next few months - all the way up to the 25th May, to be precise. Expect to see the wall-mountable 55in GX (£2300), 65in GX (£3500) and both the 55in CX (£1800) and 65in CX (£2800) arrive in stores the week commencing 6th April. Interestingly, there's no mention of the entry-level BX series of OLED TVs in LG's press release.

These will be followed by the ultra-thin 65in WX (£4500) 'wallpaper TV' on the week commencing 13th April.

We then skip to the week commencing 4th May for the arrival of the 77in CX (£5000) and the week commencing 11th May for the 88in 8K ZX model which will set you back a whopping £40,000, the 77in GX (£6000) and the highly anticipated 48in CX set (£1500), the first time such a screen size has been included in LG's OLED TV line-up.

The last of LG's OLED TVs to hit the market will be the 77in version of the 8K ZX series which, at £25,000, is slightly cheaper than the 88in model. It should hit stores on the w/c 25th May.

LG has also announced the launch dates and prices for its NanoCell 4K and 8K LCD TVs, which are also listed below:

w/c 30th March:

NANO91 55in £1300, NANO91 65in £1700, NANO90 55in £1300, NANO90 65in £1700, NANO96 49in £1500

w/c 13th April:

NANO91 75in £2500, NANO91 86in £4000, NANO90 75in £2500, NANO86 55in £1200, NANO86 64in £1500

w/c 20th April:

NANO99 75in £5500

w/c 27th April:

NANO81 49in £900, NANO81 55in £1000, NANO81 65i £1300

w/c 1st June:

NANO95 (8K) 65in £3000

w/c 8th June:

NANO99 (8K) 65in £4500

w/c 2nd Nov:

NANO95 (8K) 55in £2000


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