LG's 48in OLED TV will cost $1500 (and so will its entry-level 55in OLED)

LG's 48in OLED TV will cost $1500 (and so will its entry-level 55in OLED)
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Amid worldwide coronavirus chaos, LG's 8K and 4K OLED TVs for 2020 will ship on schedule this spring, the South Korean giant has told CNET.

The OLED sets will begin rolling out in South Korea and the United States this month, to be followed by European markets and other regions. Ahead of them hitting shelves between March and June, we now have full US pricing information thanks to CNET listings.

LG's 2020 OLED line-up starts at $1500 for the 55in model in the entry-level BX range (OLED55BXPUA), and the 48in model in the CX range pictured above (OLED48CXPUA) – LG's first-ever 48in OLED and only one of two 48in models currently scheduled for launch in 2020 (the other is from Sony). Considering last year's entry-level 55in B9 OLED launched at $2000, LG has significantly lowered the starting point for its OLED range. 

Of course, LG's 2020 TVs will have an initial battle on their hands as 2019 OLED models drop to even more tempting prices in their finals months of shelf life. The excellent (What Hi-Fi?-Award-winning) 55in C9 is currently only £1399 / $1497, for example. Samsung's 2020 QLED TVs will no doubt tempt consumers away with prices for a 55in QLED starting at £1199 / $700, too.

While UK folk will have to wait for pricing, we can expect the 55in BX and 48in CX OLEDs to be priced between £1500 and £1700. That's quite pricey for a 48in TV of course, but not unexpected. We look forward to finding out if it will be worth the premium over cheaper LCD tellies.

The 65in BX TV (OLED65BXPUA), meanwhile, is priced $2300.

Besides the 48in model, the CX range (which boasts a more powerful processor than the BX range) comprises 55in (OLED55CXPUA, $1800), 65in (OLED65CXPUA, $2800) and 77in (OLED77CXPUA, $5000) TVs.

The GX Gallery range, which is only 20mm thick, designed to be mounted flush to a wall, and has all its connections built-in, is priced $2500 for the 55in (OLED55GXPUA), $3500 for the 65in (OLED65GXPUA) and $6000 for the 77in (OLED77GXPUA).

The LG ZX 8K TVs will reportedly go on sale in the US in May, priced $20,000 for the 77in (OLED77ZXPUA) and $30,000 for the 85in (OLED85ZXPUA).

In the US, the BX range is due in May and the GX range in April, while it appears models in the CX series will be launched between March and June, starting with the 55in model and ending with the 48in set.


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