Lady Gaga produces a Monster... pair of headphones

She of Poker Face and Paparazzi infamy has come-up with the Heartbeats in-ear headphones, which will join the 'Beats by Dr. Dre' range of headphones.

Described to deliver 'all the music the artist intended you to hear' – normally a good thing, though in this case... – the design is described as 'self-inspired', reflecting Lady Gaga's style and fashion sense (sic).

Still, the Beats By Dr. Dre range has been excellent so far, so we won't dismiss the Heartbeats' possible star quality.

Noel Lee, Head Monster, noted: "Heartbeats not only had to look great, they had to sound great. Using Monster's lates heapdhone technologies, that vision comes true."

They feature a 'jewel-inspired earpiece cosmetic', with a choice of three possible design versions, which in turn will come in a variety of colours.

All the headphones in the Dr. Dre range are now equipped with the ControlTalk remote and mic, enabling full control when listening to your iPhone or other other portables.

Lady Gaga's Heartbeats headphones are due out in the US in late October, with a UK release to follow.