KEF C Series
After a new surround sound system or set of stereo speakers? You might want to check out the latest offerings from KEF Audio, in the form of the C Series

Following the success of the Q Series, KEF Audio has announced the September release of the C Series. The range includes two floor-standers, the C5 (£400) and the C7 (£480), plus two bookshelf speakers, the C1 (£140) and the C3 (£180).

Also part of the series is the two-way C6 L/C/R speaker, (£150), and while our press release features an image of a subwoofer, there are no further details on that as yet.

The speakers use an "internally braced cabinet and dense, two-layer front baffle system" alongside the familiar 19mm 'Tangerine' waveguide for high frequencies as seen on the latest Q range.

Ease of use and flexibility are said to be central to the new products, with front firing ports that enable you to position the speakers closer to walls, to wall-mounting brackets fitted straight to the bookshelf speakers.

All models are available in black ash or walnut finishes and, as mentioned, they're scheduled for a September release.