Sony BDP-S760
BDP-S560 and BDP-S760 have Wi-Fi connection for BD Live content and DLNA access to picture files

Here at IFA Sony has made two additions to its Bu-ray player line-up, the BDP-S560 and BDP-S760. Both models feature Wireless-N Wi-Fi networking onboard, and can also allow one-button set-up with Wi-Fi Protected Setup-capable routers.

The BDP-S560 has previously been announced, and we're waiting for a review sample, but the upmarket BDP-S760 is all-new, and we're working on a review for a future issue.

The wireless connection on both allows the players to access BD-Live content and firmware updates, while the players also have DLNA capability, allowing them to stream pictures from other DLNA devices over a home network.

Six-second Quick StartBoth machines have Sony's six-second Quick Start feature, Precision Cinema HD Upscale for DVDs and XrossMediaBar user interface. And as well as the DLNA capability, the BDP-S760 also has a USB port to access content on memory keys.

The BDP-S760 also has features derived from Sony's ES range, including the company's HD Reality Enhancer to smooth the picture and reduce noise, and Super BitMapping for better colour rendition.

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It also features Sony's Multi-channel Headphone Surround, giving surround effects through conventional stereo headphones.

Prices for the new players are yet to be announced.

400-disc Blu-ray changerAlso new from Sony at IFA is a monster 400-disc Blu-ray 'megachanger', though at the moment it's not clear whether it will be coming to the UK.

The BDP-CX7000ES, due to joins the company's flagship ES range early next year, has a carousel loading system, Precision Cinema HD Upscale, HD Reality Enhancer and Super BitMapping.

Designed to make an entire music and movie collection available at the touch of a button, it also has a Quick Load slot, designed for rental movies you want to watch without loading them into the main carousel.