Heed Audio unveils new Thesis range of products

Heed Audio has chosen Munich's High End Show to announce the launch of its new Thesis range – a four-strong line-up of audio products designed to be the "superclass" of Heed products.

The series comprises a preamp, power supply, phono preamp and power amp, with the Hungary-based company targeting users "more interested in the performance than the specifications".

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Heed's Thesis range is centred on the Alpha (above), a preamplifier that comprises two analogue and four digital inputs – including S/PDIF, TOSLINK, BNC and USB.

All of the inputs can be chosen through a new remote control handset, which also handles muting and volume. You can also hook up two sets of power amplifiers for bi-amplification.

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The Thesis Phi phono preamplifier has been designed for "vinyl connoisseurs" and boasts a twin-circuit design, catering for both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges independently.

Two turntables can be connected to the Phi, while its cartridge matching facility aims to be "highly user customizable for gain and impedance" with easy access to the rear panel jumpers.

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Both the Alpha and the Phi can be powered by the twin power supply Thesis Pi (above, with the Omega), which comes with independent sections housing dual regulated power supply rails and high-grade components.

Meanwhile, the Thesis Omega monobloc power amplifier is an AC-coupled device that can power loudspeakers in a similar manner to valve power amplifiers, albeit without the valves.

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AC coupling is used instead of DC coupling for "a much more natural and less cropped decay of tones within the music". Heed says it will deliver up to 160W continuous power.

The expected UK retail prices for the Thesis range are: £2850 for the Alpha preamplifier; £1600 for the Pi power supply unit (above); £2300 for the Phi phono preamp; and £1750 for the Omega power amp.

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