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Focal Easia active wireless speakers due this autumn for under £2000

Now here's a product we're very much hoping to get our hands on in time for this year's Awards judging in August.

The Focal Easia stereo speakers (shown here in prototype form) are active floorstanders, each with a built-in amp, and wireless capability.

Each speaker plugs into the mains, then you connect your source components to the separate Hub-Air (below) which is equipped with coaxial, optical and analogue inputs, as well as two USB inputs.

The Hub-Air then transmits the music wirelessly to the speakers, so you won't need cables trailing across the floor.

It also has a built-in apt-X Bluetooth receiver so you can stream your music from a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Alternatively, there's an optional wireless dongle which uses Kleer technology to transmit audio from a PC, Mac or laptop to the Hub-Air.

The speakers themselves are fitted with an aluminium/magnesium tweeter and a pair of 5in woofers. They'll be available in September/October this year for "under £2000", initially in the white finish shown, but later in black and red as well. We look forward to testing them.

By Andy Clough

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