Marantz UD9004
Marantz's flagship UD9004 Blu-ray/SACD player goes on sale in August for £5500

We first set eyes on Marantz's flagship Blu-ray/SACD player at the Munich High-End Show in May, and mighty impressive it looked too.

Now Marantz has confirmed that the UD9004 will go on sale in the UK in August for £5500.

The player will handle Blu-ray discs, DVD-Video, Super Audio CD and conventional CD.

At the heart of the video circuit is a Silicon Optix Realta processor, which offers 1080p upscaling of standard-definition sources, detail enhancement and Digital Noise Reduction.

As you'd expect given Marantz's hi-fi pedigree, much attention has been paid to audio playback.

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The audio section is derived from the company's flagship SA-7S1 SACD player and has four separate circuitboards to avoid crosstalk, as well as two dedicated boards for the XLR outputs.

Audio replay can be further enhanced using the Pure Direct Mode, which shuts down the video sections and display for optimum performance.

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