4K Blu-ray movies are finally available to buy in the UK, with titles such as Fantastic Four and Kingsman on sale for £25 and set for release on April 11th.

It's a good week for anyone waiting for Ultra HD Blu-ray, the brand new 4K disc format.

The first Ultra HD Blu-ray movies are now online and available to pre-order in the UK, all of them listed with an 11th April release date.

There are eight 4K Blu-ray titles in total: Fantastic Four, Maze Runner: Chapter II - The Scorch Trials, Kingsman - The Secret Service, The Maze Runner, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Life of Pi, Hitman: Agent 47 and Exodus - Gods and Kings. You can pre-order all eight discs via both HMV and Zavvi, though there's no sign on Amazon UK.

The 20th Century Fox titles, which were confirmed to be heading for 4K Blu-ray last year, also come with HDR and are bundled with a Blu-ray and a Digital HD copy.

4K Blu-ray discs have already gone on sale in the US, with Lionsgate confirming releases including Sicario and Expendables would arrive in 4K and with a Dolby Atmos soundtrack. Sony Pictures has also announced its first Ultra HD Blu-ray titles.

The news follows this week’s confirmation of the Panasonic DMP-UB900 UHD Blu-ray player, which is due to go on sale in April for £599. Samsung’s UBD-K8500 4K player is due on sale later this month in the UK, having already gone on sale in the US for $400.

Looks like it’s time to start taking Ultra HD Blu-ray seriously… Will you be buying the new disc format? Let us know in the comments below.

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nugget2014's picture

£25 is too much, standard blu

£25 is too much, standard blu-rays retail at £13 and £15. £20 is acceptable..

gel's picture

I am in!

I am in!

abacus's picture

Not at that price, (Should

Not at that price, (Should not be more than standard Blu-Ray as the creation of them is the same) unfortunately the company’s know that the world is full of gullible users who will pay this price just to say “Hey I’ve got a 4K Blu-Ray” down the pub, rather than refusing to buy and forcing the company’s to lower the prices.


RickyDeg's picture

I'm NOT in! YET!

I'm NOT in! YET!

The format needs to mature a bit and the prices need to come DOWN! Plus, I would only ever consider discs featuring genuine 4K source material + HDR, not any upscaled stuff. Even if it's a tad better over regular Blu-ray spending money on that would make little sense.

rocketrazor's picture

Price to high for me. Can't

Price to high for me. Can't justify £25 for a single movie!

ellisdj's picture

Its harder to justify £25 for

Its harder to justify £25 for old content already seen and likely a bit bored with.

However new releases will sell much better imo 

kissoony's picture

It would be rude not to!

It would be rude not to!

just waiting for my lg65ef500 flat oled to arrive then to purchase the Panasonic HDR player so the discs are a must, better than streaming! 

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I just ordered the Kingsman from Zavvi.

I just ordered the Kingsman from Zavvi.

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as usual with a new format launched in the uk....

compared to the usa, the quality of the "new" releases for the uk doesn't make me want to rush out and buy a new 4k tv plus another bluray player to add to my collection.

Music 2


Yautja_Warrior's picture

Price might be a little high,

Price might be a little high, but they are offering 2 formats in the box remember, the standard blu-ray and the new UHD disc, so I don't think it's highly over priced really, and like all new formats, prices will come down soon enough.

DVD and blu-ray had higher prices like that, when they first came out, so it's not that unusual really.

David Malcolmson's picture

4K Blu Ray

An uninspiring selection of titles on offer at launch. I'd like to see transfers from old 70mm classics like Space Odyssey 2001, Lawrence of Arabia etc. as well as restored versions of 'Casblanca' and other B/W classics from the 1940s and 50s. I bet these films, if well-restored, will look terrific in 4K. And what about all the BBC dramas and documentaries shot on 4K?

sonycentre's picture

4K Blu Ray

Too say you get the 4k disc/Blu-ray and digital download,i don't think its a high price.I have yet to invest in a 4k tv and player yet as im more then happy with what i have.People saying its "Too High" Need to get a grip!

shuddersfield's picture

1080p is good enough......

For me, 4K hardware seems a con.   When all previous formats were released (VHS, DVD and Blu Ray) the films were always expensive.  I remember my Mum paying £50 for Jaws on VHS in 1980! I'll stick to 1080p - which looks fantastic on my 55" Samsung, and to buying Blu Rays for half the price.  BD will only get cheaper.   Its just another way for the film studios to take our money.  I've been a mug for long enough.

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Life of PI

Just wondering what the Life of PI 4k disc version would be like against the Supplied version on the samsung codec usb drive that you get for 4k tvs . Is it the same print ?

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Just another market to stimulate sales. Look around you your eyesight does not give you 4k vision, not even HD. Your eyes give you standard definition which satisfies me. I have HD on Sky but I find the family watching the standard channels, not a thought to retune to HD.

332's picture


It is the FOV (Field of vision) you have to calculate. If you go near enough you will see that standard definition is NOT nearly clear enough. 2K at about 2m viewing distance from a 50" set is about right. Low definition DVDs are for old CRTs watched at a greater distance. English living rooms are usually too small and allowing for a fireplace (where the set could have gone) so the FOV becomes too small for HD (2K) and far too small for 4K. The latter only makes sense att very large FOVs which most people would not find comfortable. It would be similar to sitting in the front row at the cinema. The desperation of finding something to replace the failing 3D format has brought about 4K. NB. moving objects are not rendered in 4K (not even 2K). For most markets in the world, 2K is a very good compromise. Possibly watching a very large theatre stage (camera stationary at constant wide angle setting)  2m from a 65" set or say 3m from an 80" set could make sense in 4K, but this would be a very special case and certainly not for the average UK living room.

332's picture

4K titles?

So far 4K titles appear to be aimed at 8-year olds, who on earth would want to watch this rubbish in any quality? Some people do actually grow up as unlikely as it may sound these days!

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Mr Magoo

Oh god I am so bored of hearing people state with unfounded conviction that 4K doesn't make a difference because our sitting rooms are too small or we position the TV incorrectly... I own a Sony kd43x809 4K TV and have 20/20 vision. It's incredibly sharp and the colour profiles are enhanced too. Everything about UHD is enhanced. Why refute that? So you can't afford the TV don't spout propaganda about the entire technology being a lie. Everyone who walks into my house and sees the screen is blown away.