Lionsgate has announced the first titles that will receive the Ultra HD Blu-ray treatment, while additional titles have appeared on Amazon’s US site for pre-order.

Ultra HD Blu-ray players from Panasonic and Samsung were announced at CES 2016, with both are due to go on sale in a few months time. Fortunately, it now appears there will be some Ultra HD Blu-ray discs available to play on them.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has confirmed the first of its films to be given the Ultra HD treatment will include Sicario, The Last Witch Hunter, Ender’s Game and The Expendables 3. All four will be released on March 1st to coincide with the launch of the 4K disc players.

Lionsgate has said Sicario and The Last Witch Hunter will retail for $43 (around £30) while Ender’s Game and The Expendables 3 will cost $23 (£16), possibly due to the fact they’re older films while the first two are new releases.

Sicario, Ender’s Game and Expendables will all arrive with a Dolby Atmos soundtrack while The Last Witch Hunter will have DTS:X. 

Amazon US also has some titles available for pre-order, including The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Martian, Hancock, Salt and Chappie. These all have an RRP of $36 (£25), but Amazon is selling them for $33 (£23). At the time of writing, there's no sign of any Ultra HD Blu-rays on sale on Amazon in the UK.

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With Panasonic’s player confirmed for the UK “this Spring”, we’ll hopefully see some discs on sale in the UK some time soon...

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Is the region-coding on these UHD BD discs the same as on standard BD titles, and is there any indication whether these titles will be region-coded to the US, or region-free?

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Region coding

The new format will not support region coding, there will be no region coding on Ultra HD Blu-ray.

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Those prices are outrageous.

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Fortunately, it's not

Fortunately, it's not compulsory to buy them. Just like the very first VHS films all those years ago, the price of players and discs will drop as the format becomes ubiquitous. 

Even then, it's doubtful I'll buy in. Streaming is the future.

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I much prefer to won. I know then that I can play the disc when and where I want without the reliance on a decent connection to the Internet and reliance on a service provider that does not throttle after a few GB of data and there is no contract required with a disc.

Having said that, 4K will be my last format purchase and I suspect the last format we get before streaming is the norm.


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They always are...

If you have been around long enough you will have noticed that they always start high and as more people buy into the format the prices drop.

I remember paying £24 for some of my first DVD's, recently I have paid as little as £2.99 for a blu-ray. I find most of my blu-ray purchases are around the £5 - £6 mark these days.

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It would also be nice to have

It would also be nice to have something to play these discs on. My 11 year old Panasonic B-D player will not play some of the newer B-R discs and there have been no FW updates for years now. I have a 4K TV but nothing to play on it in 4K other than slides from my laptop (which are stunning). I am hoping the Samsung 4K player will be available for when I go back to France in April. 

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I barely get the time to

I barely get the time to watch films any more.  Nevermind rewatching them. 

I had a clear out of DVDs recently - the criteria was "have i watched this in the past 4 years, and can I realistically say that I will watch it in the next 12 months".  99% went to charity.

Renting and streaming is the future.


And what's with the choice??! I cannot imagine watching The Expendables 3 once, never mind wanting to shell out $23  to own it (which will probably translate to £23, not £16).