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Eclipse’s iconic Time Domain desktop monitor speakers have now been given the wireless treatment with the addition of AirPlay and AirPlay Direct compatibility for streaming from portable devices.

Stars of CES 2014 winner

Power is supplied by a Class D digital amp built into the base of the speaker, and hi-res music files can be played from a computer via the USB connection.

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Eclipse says the TD-M1s have been designed for use as desktop speakers or with any TV, Blu-ray player or music system.

The USB connection can handle high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz music files, and the speakers include a low-distortion, non-oversampling digital-to-analogue converter (NOS-DAC) "for clearer sound and a small form factor," says Eclipse.

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There's a dedicated iPhone app for use as a remote control, and the system will go on sale in mid-February for a US price of $1300, and in the UK for £999.

We gave the Eclipse TD-M1 speakers a Stars of CES Award 2014.