Stars of CES Awards 2014 winners

Our Stars of CES 2014 Awards have been revealed! The best audio and video products at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, chosen by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision.

As the international media partners for the show, our team has been scouring the rooms of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas for the hottest audio and video products unveiled at CES 2014.

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Our Stars of CES are the top 10 most exciting products that we've seen launched at this year's show.

We’ve been spoilt for choice once more, from high-end amplifiers to wireless speakers, high-res audio players to compact DACs.

But there could be only 10 winners. In no particular order, here they are...

Naim Statement

Pre/power amplifier


You don’t get a more ‘statement’ product than this extraordinary new Statement - comprising the NAC S1 preamplifier and NAP S1 mono power amplifier - from British hi-fi specialist Naim.

Astell & Kern AK240

High-resolution portable audio player


A ground-breaking portable music player that plays high-res audio files and includes a series of new features not currently offered by any other high-res portable player on the market.

Chord Electronics Hugo

DAC/headphone amp


A new reference-class portable DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) and headphone amp which supports high-resolution audio and is designed to offer optimum sound quality when playing music through your headphones.

Monitor Audio Airstream A100

Stereo digital amplifier


Monitor Audio has broken from tradition – and its established speaker business – by creating a modern, forward-thinking and radical-looking digital amplifier with AirPlay and DLNA streaming built in.

Philips Android TVs


Philips’s 2014 television range combines the Android OS with a new-look Philips smart TV interface to bring Google Play store access to its HD TVs, adding apps, games, music and movies.

McIntosh MXA70

Integrated audio system

Price £tbc

Legendary US hi-fi company McIntosh brings a slice of high-end to this compact, beautifully constructed audio system designed to work with a variety of digital sources and includes a bespoke headphone amp for personal listening.

Martin Logan Crescendo

Desktop speaker with AirPlay/Bluetooth

Price £tbc

Best known for its hybrid electrostatic speakers, Kansas-based Martin Logan has taken an innovative approach to create this distinctive looking AirPlay/Bluetooth wireless streaming tabletop speaker.

Focal Dimension + sub

TV soundbar/soundbase

Price $1699

Everyone knows flatscreen TVs sound thin and insubstantial, but French company Focal has used its expertise in speaker design to develop this soundbar and separate sub to boost the sound of your telly. You can buy the soundbar on its own, or add the sub which sits under your telly for even bigger bass.

Eclipse TD-M1

AirPlay desktop speakers


Eclipse’s iconic Time Domain desktop monitor speakers have now been given the wireless treatment with the addition of AirPlay compatibility for streaming from portable devices. Power is supplied by a Class D digital amp built into the base of the speaker, and hi-res music files can be played from a computer via the USB connection.

Meridian DSP 25th Anniversary speakers

Digital speakers

Price £tbc

It was back in 1989 that Meridian introduced its first digital speaker, the legendary D600. Now it has designed three new Special Edition models to celebrate its 25th anniversary, available in a range of bespoke colours.

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by Andy Clough

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