Cyrus CD8SE
Cyrus is raising the prices on its hi-fi range as it launches its new range of XP amplifiers

Cyrus joins a growing band of manufacturers raising its retail prices with increases on many of its key products.

The Award-winning Cyrus CD 6 SE (our 2008 product of the Year) goes up from £800 to £900, and the CD 8 SE from £1100 to £1200.

The CD Xt transport jumps from £800 to £975, the DAC X from £999 to £1275 and the DAC XP from £2200 to £2275.

There's a smaller increase on the Mono X power amp, up just £50 from £1200 to £1250, and the 8 Power rises from £700 to £850. The DAB 8.0 tuner remains the same at £500.

We'll be testing the first of Cyrus's new range of XP stereo amplifiers, the Cyrus 8 XP d, in our July issue, on sale June 3rd. The 8 XP d costs £1500, the 8 XP d Qx £1800 and the entry-level 6 XP £900.