Sony BDP-S790
Three new Blu-ray players from Sony promise better pictures, sound and online entertainment

Sony has announced three new Blu-ray players at CES in Las Vegas, with the flagship model boasting Digital Cinema 4k upscaling.

The top two models, the BDP-S490 and BDP-S790, support 3D Blu-ray and integrated wireless connectivity, while the entry-level BDP-S390 has integrated WiFi but not 3D playback.

The BDP-S390 and BDP-S490 are due in April for £130 and £150 respectively, while the BDP-S790 is due in May for £250.

The flagship BDP-S790 has a new Digital Cinema 4k upscaler, promising 4x full HD resolution, and 3D Super Bit Mapping.

As well as integrated wifi for accessing the Sony Entertainment Network of online content, you can also make Skype video calls.

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You can also 'throw' content from a connected smartphone or tablet to your Blu-ray player, or simply control using a smartphone remote app.

The BDP-S490 supports 2D and 3D video, Sony's Entertainment Network thanks to integrated wifi and DLNA streaming.

The entry-level BDP-S390 model is just 32cm wide and also has integrated wifi.

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