Panasonic CES 2009
2009 will see the launch of many new plasma and LCD sets from Panasonic, including some ultra-thin and eco-friendly designs

Panasonic has announced its new TVs for 2009, with more models, a  broader range of sizes and some ultra-thin and energy-efficient designs.

The 2009 sets will go from 19in to 65in screens (including the first 54in plasma TV), with a total of 42 individual models to be launched throughout the year. These include the flagship model: the 1in thick Viera Z1 Series, which uses a separate set-top box that streams wirelessly – and in Full HD – to the ultra-thin screen.

Flagship Viera Z1 leads the packThe Z1 Series utilises most of the new picture technologies you'll see from Panasonic in 2009. These include: 600Hz Sub-field Drive to improve HD motion tracking; Viera Cast internet connectivity – including the new collaboration with Amazon Video On Demand announced today at CES; and new levels of eco-friendly energy efficiency, expressed by the names 'NeoPDP' and 'NeoLCD'.

Super thin TV unveiled at CESBut if it's thin you're after, the company has outdone even that. Today at CES Panasonic unveiled the worlds thinnest plasma screen. Pictured above, the 50in TV is less than one third of an inch thick, and uses Panasonic's new energy-efficient technology (described below).

Lower energy consumptionPanasonic's new 'NeoPDP' technology allows the plasma sets to achieve the same brightness as the 2007 models while using one third of the energy (or to achieve three times the brightness using the same energy). NeoLCD manages to cut the energy consumption of an LCD screen by half compared to the previous models in 2008.