CEDIA EXPO 2011: New MartinLogan Montis electrostatics

MartinLogan has unveiled new Montis speakers, the latest addition to its 'reserve series' range of hybrid electrostatic designs.

The Montis uses advanced MicroPerf technology to maximise the effective radiating area of its CLS (Curvilinear Line Source) electrostatic transducer – giving it almost twice as much exposed diaphragm surface as a traditional electrostat of the same size.

MartinLogan claims this blend of technologies "translates to the highest levels of efficiency and an effortless, unlimited dynamic presentation".

Despite being relatively small compared to some electostatic speakers, the Montis still weighs in at a respectable 26Kg and measures 150cm × 32cm × 46cm. And it claims to pack quite a punch, too.

"MartinLogan’s dedicated in-house design and engineering team created an extremely precise 24-bit Vojtko DSP engine in conjunction with a powerful 200-watt class-D amplifier to deliver a stunningly detailed low-frequency performance reaching down to 29Hz—uncommon in cabinets this compact," explains the company,

It claims bass performance is further enhanced thanks to the ability of users to precisely adjust the speakers to suit their individual room acoustics.

The Montis comes in three real-wood finishes – Black Ash, Dark Cherry, and (new for 2011) High-Gloss Black Cherrywood – each of which is 'hand-rubbed'.

MartinLogan Montis speakers will cost from $9995 when they become available later this month; we're trying to track down UK pricing, which we'll bring you later.

We also hope to review the MartinLogan Montis electrostatics in a future Temptations feature.

Architectural options

Also here at CEDIA EXPO 2011, MartinLogan has unveiled a range of in-wall and in-ceiling speaker options for users whom want a more subtle way of enjoying the company's audio engineering.

The new MartinLogan Architectural series comprises of nine models that claim to be 'voice-matched' to the company's Folded Motion and electrostatic speakers.

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