Audio Pro partners with Swedish sculptor for limited edition speaker

Audio Pro's T3+ Wargenbrant limited edition speaker on a marble table
(Image credit: Audio Pro)

Audio Pro is partnering with fellow Swede, Andreas Wargenbrant, on a limited edition variant of its T3+ Bluetooth speaker. The Swedish audio brand has partnered with the artist and sculptor to create a unique colourway that reflects his signature style. This includes brushed metal accents in a rose gold colour, reflective of the sculptor’s bronze motifs, as well as unique “W” branding. Each model is also individually numbered to retain limited collector status. 

Audio Pro is pushing the collector angle on this new release, with hopes that this collaboration will become a desired collector's piece in the near future.

Despite the shiny new finish, we don’t expect any functional or performance-based changes from the original 2020 launch of the T3+. You can check out our four star review to see what we made of it, but performance aside, the retro industrial aesthetic of this speaker is very eye-catching, especially in this new shade. 

The Audio Pro T3+ Wargenbrant will retail for £200 (around $240 / AU$350) on Audio Pro’s website. 


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  • Friesiansam
    I'm very disappointed, I expected a speaker in a sculpture...
  • Bloke
    Or at the very least, something B&W Nautilus-esque.