Are new Apple iPads on the way? We'd take the latest reports with a pinch of salt

iPad Air 2022
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iPad fans stay alert as, according to a new rumour, Apple could be leading up to a stealthy launch of three refreshed models. These are set to be minor spec bumps and refreshes, meaning we're not getting our hopes up for 120Hz OLED displays or brand-new speaker systems, however, it's certainly looking like these new models will be more powerful than their predecessors. 

So what's new? According to a report from 9to5 Mac (via Supercharged), we're getting spec bumps to the entry-level iPad, iPad Mini and iPad Air. This will be a series of processor-focussed updates, with the iPad Mini (7th Generation) receiving the A16 Bionic Chip (the same found in the iPhone 15), and the iPad Air (8th Generation) upgrading to the M2 chip also found in the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

It hasn't been made clear as to which processor the iPad (11th Generation) will be using. Still, considering it currently uses the same A14 Bionic chip as the ageing iPhone 12, our suspicion is that it could go up to the iPhone 14's A15 Bionic chip, or even the same A16 Bionic chip as the (supposedly) new iPad Mini. The current generation iPad has just earned itself a What Hi-Fi? Award for its exceptional performance for the money, while the iPad Pro (6th Generation) has also taken home a Best Tablet Award for its premium performance and build.  That being said, no update to the iPad Pro is expected to be announced.

What else could we expect from these updated iPads then? Presumably some new finishes; Apple opted for more refined and muted tones on the iPad Air and Mini, while the entry-level iPad sported brighter hues. We're hoping that Apple takes some inspiration from the iPhone 15 series with its pleasing pastel shades. There will likely also be new accessories for the iPad, although we assume this will mostly be new colour variants of the Smart Folio cases.

Finally, Apple could use this opportunity to do away with the brilliant (and affordable) iPad (9th Generation), so bear that in mind if you want the cheapest five-star iPad.  

This all being said, conflicting reports from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman tempted expectations, saying that new iPads might not be as close as we'd hoped. While he didn't cast doubt on iPad upgrades happening in the near future, he did suggest that Apple wouldn't announce anything relating to these new tablets before the new year. 

This has scuppered some excitement around the supposed new models; to us, it looks like the rumours regarding the new chips are true, but we might be waiting until 2024 for their official announcement. 


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