Arcam unleashes £2750 HD receiver

arcam avr600

The receiver is the company's most ambitious yet, and as well as decoding all the latest high-definition audio codecs, it has video upscaling and upconversion, five HDMI inputs and two outputs and 7x120W of power amplification.

It also has one of the first implementations of Dolby Volume, designed to equalise the levels of different broadcast media – so no more shouting ads! – while also giving volume-dependant tonal adjustment, making low-level listening much more involving

It's claimed that "By waiting for HD technology and chip sets to mature Arcam have been able to use latest generation technology silicon to deliver higher quality than competitors. Video Scaling and Processing for all sources is remarkable bringing even standard definition input close to HD quality.

"The new DTS-HD Master, DTS High Resolution, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus decoding standards are all supported."

The receiver is said to use a massive toroidal transformer and Class G amplification, enabling it to deliver 7x120W while still running "relatively cool". It has also been designed to transform into a high-quality stereo amp at the push of a button.

The AVR600 also offers three-zone operation and extensive control flexibility for custom installation, and for those of use preferring to keep out equipment on display has been designed with a cosmetic treatment deliberately at odds with the button-packed AV receiver norm.