Aquavision S4 HD
Has there been a hole in your life where there should have been a 40in waterproof Full HD TV? Well, you're in luck – Aquavision has delivered the S4 HD

Aquavision, the pioneers of waterproof TVs is to launch the world's first Full HD waterproof television. The S4 HD has a 1920 x 1080 resolution LCD panel and an RS232 control port for compatibility with control systems such as Crestron and Systemline.

Available in a Mirrorvision finish, the TV takes the form of a mirror when not in use, so you can use the screen to have a shave after you've watched the breakfast news.

Clearly aimed at the custom installation market, and indeed your bathroom, the S4 HD 40in also has a Freeview tuner, twin HDMI inputs and a PC input alongside the usual array of video connections.

The set comes with two remote controls – one master and one waterproof – and a hard wired control panel is available to fix to the wall. The heated screen should ensure the set never steams up.

For more information on this set, head over to the Aquavision website here.

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