Apple Music and Spotify sharing come to Facebook Messenger app

Facebook's Messenger app is getting some music sharing skills. Last night, Facebook announced you'll soon be able to share tunes from Spotify and Apple Music through Facebook's own messaging app. And the best part? You won't even need the Spotify or Apple Music apps installed on your phone.

These apps will be part of the Chat Extensions, which enable you to do more within the Messenger app. Of course, Facebook wants to give you more capabilities without leaving its app and venturing onto the wider internet. Because no good can come of that.

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Facebook's David Marcus chose to demo the feature by sharing Stay Gold from the album Run the Jewels 3. Funny, we had him down as more of a Del the Funky Homosapien kind of guy.

There's no word on exactly how it will work. Will you only get a snippet of the song if you're not a paid-up subscriber to either Apple Music or Spotify? Does everyone will get the full song regardless? But it's an exciting music push for Facebook's phenomenally successful messaging app.

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