Apple could be working on a new iPad, and it's a big one

iPad (2022)
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Apple has recently refreshed its iPad line-up with a pair of new Pros and a redesigned 10th-generation iPad. However, rumours have surfaced of a bigger iPad that might be making its debut next year. Currently, the largest iPad that you can buy is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but a new iPad that's speculated to feature a 16-inch display might just dethrone this. 

According to a report from Wayne Ma from The Information, this gargantuan iPad could shake up the tablet scene in the first quarter of 2023, so this super-sized iPad could be imminent. This 16-inch Apple tab has already piqued our interest, as although we love the 2021 iPad Pro and 5th Generation iPad Air, a bigger-screen iPad could be the ideal portable AV device for movie fans on the go. There are no suggestions as to what we can expect from the specs quite yet – however, we can speculate that this titan of a tablet will use Apple’s M2 processor found in its current crop of Pro level iPads. 

There have been plenty of rumours surrounding larger iPads in the last year, including predictions of a 14-inch iPad variant from industry analyst Ross Young, as well as reports from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman suggesting that Apple wishes to “blur the lines” between its iPad and MacBook divisions. There’s no word on naming yet, with the Pro moniker having just been refreshed with the latest duo – could this be the iPad Pro Max or iPad Plus?


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Lewis Empson
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  • Hifiman
    It is a shame that Apple are trying to upsize and upsell their iPads rather than concentrating at the product end where most people buy. The 10th generation iPad, with a minimum RRP of £499, is getting beyond the price that most people will gladly stomach and, although I know exchange rates have changed, I am still incredulous that the old-model 9th generation costs £50 more now than when it was the new model.
  • WhiteKnight2020
    I want bigger so I can finally get something to read digital versions of print magazines at something close to print size in a 2 page spread.
  • manicm
    I use a Windows laptop, I use an iPad, I'm considering getting a MacBook, but it doesn't make sense.

    By going to 16 inches I'm more convinced that in the long term Apple wants to replace MacOs with iOS, and rightly so.