Apple admits iOS 15.4 battery issue on iPhones – but there's a solution

Smartphone: Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple's latest iOS 15.4 software update is rumoured to be destroying some users' battery life – but Apple has a surprising fix.

"iOS 15.4 is killing the battery in my iPhone 13 Pro Max. I could go for days without charging, but it’s down to half capacity by mid day," said Twitter user @Odedia

Older iPhones also seem to be affected, with one owner reporting that his iPhone 11 had dropped a whopping 80 per cent battery charge in 24 hours with just two hours of 'screen on' time.

Reports of battery drain after an iOS update are par for the course, but the iOS 15.4 figures do sound pretty shocking. Which is why Apple has weighed in with a very easy fix.

Earlier this week, the Apple Support Twitter account replied to a user complaining about iOS 15.4 battery drain with the following: 

"It's normal for your apps and features to need to adjust up to 48 hours after an update. Let's have you reach out to us in a DM if this is still an issue after that time so we can help you look into this further."

So, there you have it. Battery drain can be fixed by... doing nothing. From what Apple says, it seems that iPhone just needs a bit of extra power for a few days – just until iOS 15.4 has settled into its new home.

The fix hasn't worked for all, though. A number of users have complained that they're still experiencing problems over 72 hours after installing iOS 15.4. If that's you it might be worth DM-ing the Apple Support Twitter account.

It's also worth noting that some iPhone users have noted their their iPhones are running hotter than usual, and even "overheating". Apple has yet to comment on any of those reports, so the iOS 15.4 battery saga might not be over just yet.

It's not been the best week for Apple fans. The latest iPhone 14 rumours point to a thicker-than-expected camera bump, which is disappointing given the 'slimmer is better' trend.

Still, battery troubles aside, iOS 15.4 has plenty going for it. The update lets you use Face ID whilst wearing a mask, start a FaceTime call from Apple Music and enjoy a new gender-neutral Siri voice.


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