This all-in-one projection system could replace your home cinema

Getting a good home cinema experience is an expensive feat. You need a good projector, a solid set of speakers, a decent surround sound amp and a fair amount of space.

A new Indiegogo campaign is looking to change that with XGIMI's H1. If you haven't heard of the company before, it crowdfunded the Z4 Aurora earlier this year.

While the H1 isn't exactly the catchiest of names, it nevertheless wants to streamline the home cinema experience.

Inside the silver box is an Android OS operating system that controls a quadcore 1.75GHz CPU, 3GB of RAM and a 60fps Ultra HD decoder. This projects a 300in image onto "any surface" in Full HD, and can apparently transform 2D images into 3D through its "optical lens support".

However, while the H1 can accept 4K streams, it has to downscale them to a 1080p image.

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On the sound side, there's a built-in 45mm Harman Kardon speaker that can be used as a standalone Bluetooth speaker.

You can control the projector with a dedicated app, or a wireless Bluetooth remote that looks similar to other smart remotes we've seen with televisions. Overall, it's an interesting system, but whether it'll provide serious competition for traditional projectors is yet to be seen.

The H1 has raised more than five times its initial $100,000 goal, with a month still remaining before the crowdfunder ends. Current backers can get their hands on an H1 for $699 (excluding the cost of worldwide shipping).

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