• Logic3 i-Station30 Sound Bar
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A dock that does more is always nice, but this one doesn’t sound good enough
Bridges the gap between iPhone and TV
free app works well for radio
surprisingly decent video quality
fairly clear voices
Cluttered, dull audio
app needs work
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There are a couple of things that mark out the Logic3 as not being your average dock.

The first is hinted at by the ‘Sound Bar’ bit of the name: with component and composite video outputs and a stereo RCA input, this Logic3 is happy to send your iThing’s video to a flatscreen and take over audio duties for all sources from your TV’s speakers.

Needless to say, it beats most flatscreens for sound quality, particularly smaller ones, and the video is surprisingly good considering the output is SD only.

Free i-Station appThe second USP is the free i-Station app, which you’ll be prompted to download the first time you plug in an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Using this, rather than the device’s controls, for navigating FM radio and setting up favourites is effective, but the music controls are more limited than Apple’s own.

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The Logic3 might beat many flatscreens, but it’s weak next to the best dedicated docks.

Next to something like the Logitech S715i (which, unlike the Logic3, is portable), the i-Station30 sounds cluttered and subdued, with little impact or dynamics. Voices are fairly clear, making it perfectly reasonable for talkie radio shows, podcasts or TV, but you can do better for music.

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