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RE: Latest kit pics...

BTW, the TDL RTL-G20s in one of my pics have been upgraded with Vifa D27TG-35-06 tweeters, and SuperSound capacitors. 

This lot cost me a ton for the speakers, forty quid for the tweeters and thirty for the caps. Total of £170, and I tell you no lie when I say that these things are jaw-droppingly good. They were closed in and thick-sounding, with no real treble to speak of. Now they are some of the most detailed, well-balanced and genuinely musical speakers I've heard. The bass is terrific too, real depth and power. 

Just got to fix the loose connection on one of the LF+ terminals now, and jobs a good 'un.

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RE: Latest kit pics...

Flea-bay is your friend mate,i did some work for a guy last year who went round junk yards and skips rescueing old tv's and hifi stuff...he got them working,spending time and alot of love on them,then sold them on said auction site....he had an old radiogram that was his long term project,he promised to email me pics when he finished it...no email yet ROFL


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