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Quad 606 humming

Hi I'm new here & in need of some advice! My Quad 66/606 amps have recently been reconnected after room decoration but seem to have developed a background hum along with a slight loss in power. This is happening through all inputs, CD, Ipod, radio etc. The speakers & cables are all the same as were working before. Help please. 

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RE: Quad 606 humming

Welcome to the forum

I'd start by taking all the cables off again and using contact cleaner or iso-propyl alcohol to clean all the contacts in case some of them got contaminated by dust or other decorating gunk

Given that you say all inputs are affected, perhaps try the cable that connects the 66 to the 606 first

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RE: Quad 606 humming

Many thanks for your quick advice iwlll try what u said this weekend. Would dirty connectors account for the slight drop in power??

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