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Project Debut III Speed Problem

Hi Guys...this is my first post here. Really hoping someone knows the answer.

Anyway, got a project debut III abroad, brought it home, set it up, and put on my first album. The unit was playing fast! Remove platter, check belt, replace platter, etc, etc,  nothing worked. So I checked the power supply, and it seems this is where the problem is.

The power supply is an outboard, 230V 50hz input, 16V AC 500ma output. However, my country's mains run on 60hz.

 So, I'm assuming the tt runs fast due to the difference in frequency. Now, if i am able to get a power supply with the proper frequency, will this solve my problem? 


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Calling Henley Designs!!: Project Debut III Speed Problem


I think you are going to have a bit of an issue here Luimatti. The problem is that the turntable motor is synchronized to the mains frequency - in this case 50hz by design.

It would be tricky to get a mains converter, as most available only change voltage, not frequency.

The only way around may be the Project Speedbox - the website seems to suggest that these can be supplied with suitable mains power adaptors for different regions.

The UK importer of Project (Henley Designs) may be able to confirm this next time he passes by...

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Re: Project Debut III Speed Problem

You need to change the power supply, motor and pulley.

unfortunately justr adding a speedbox will not do the trick as your deck will have the incorrect pulleys fitted.

UK distributors for Pro-Ject, Ortofon, Roksan, Unison Research, Lehmann and Reloop

Here to help.

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Re: Project Debut III Speed Problem

Sorry for the late repsonse but was so busy with work and family commitments that I haven't had time to update.

The problem was keeping me awake, the night I posted this, so I ordered the speed box off the net from the US, which has the same frequency as here (60hz), although our voltage is higher at 220V. Easy to step down voltage so wasn't too worried about being able to use the speedbox here. If it didn't solve the speed problem, at least it would be still be an upgrade to the TT.

Next, I found out the address of the local distributor of Pro Ject here and put everything back in the original box and told the wife that I had an urgent matter to attend to sunday afternoon. No lies there at least.

Took the unit there, and the owner wasn't in, but his sales people let me try their demo speed box to see if that would solve the problem, and it didn't.

They said the owner was coming in soon, so I left my handphone number and they gave me a ring when he got there.

Apparently, he's encountered this a few times in the past and the solution is pretty straightforward - a change in pulley is all that's needed. As luck would have it, we have some common friends and he offered to take the pulley off their demo unit, and had it installed in mine. that way, wouldn't have to wait for the 2-3 weeks for the part to come in from the manufacturer!

Got home, unboxed the TT, hooked it up, and it played great! Done within 18 hours of my posting. There is a God.

Speed box arrived almost 2 weeks ago and using that and it's accompanying power supply now, with the 50hz supply as a spare now, and enjoying my slowly growing vinyl collection immensely!

If anybody has the opposite problem - buying a 60hz unit and using it in a 50hz mains country, let me know. I have a pulley you may need. Smile

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Re: Project Debut III Speed Problem

Hi lumati,


I am having the same problem as I got the Project III from US as a gift. China uses 220 v and 50hz. I bought the converter and faced the same situation. And I am wondering do you still have the pully for 50hz. Even if you do not have will you be able to guide me to supplier who is willing to supply to Shanghai China. US supplier only carry 60hz pully.

 Appreciate any help.




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Re: Project Debut III Speed Problem

Hi Luimatti,

I'm from Argentina, and I bought a turntable in the US (US is 110v-60Hz; Argentina is 220v-50Hz). I am going crazy looking for that 50Hz motor pulley, especially because no retailer ships to Argentina - and unfortunately, my local ProJect distributor is not as cool as yours....

 So I think that the fastest thing is to get that pulley from you.

 Can you contact me? juancorsini@yahoo.com



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RE: Project Debut III Speed Problem

I've run into the same problem. I ordered  Project Debut III from the UK, and it plays too fast. What would I need to do to remedy this? 

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50HZ Pulley

Hi All

where can i bought online 50Hz Pulley for Project Debut Carbon?


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