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The Juke Box E comes with a built-in moving-magnet phono stage, Bluetooth receiver, pre-amp and power amp. All in one box.

We've seen a few connected turntables in our time, but Pro-Ject's new "all-in-one" turntable is the first we can remember seeing outside a crowdfunding campaign.

Called the Juke Box E, it's a record player with a built-in moving-magnet phono stage, Bluetooth receiver, pre-amp and power amp all in one box - which means you only have to add a pair of speakers to complete your hi-fi setup.

The record player itself is based on a modified version of the popular Pro-Ject Primary, so includes the same aluminium tonearm with sapphire bearings and Ortofon OM 5E cartridge.

As such, this is essentially a plug-in-and-play device, with Pro-Ject saying all you have to do is "simply install the belt and you’re ready to spin!"

It has a power output of 50 watts per channel, while around the back are gold-plated RCA connectors and isolated speaker terminals to connect it to larger hi-fi systems.

If this has tickled your fancy, it's available from the middle of December in black, red or white. Prices start at £370, while a combination of the turntable and Speaker Box 5 loudspeaker starts at £500.


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Sorry Adam. It was launched

Sorry Adam. It was launched in May 2016 ...


... same name, Bluetooth, amplification, OM5E, the lot.