The wireless Trntbl is the first ‘Internet of Things’ record player

If you’re a fan of marrying the best of the analogue world with the advantages of digital audio - and enjoy removing consonants from words - then the Trntbl could be for you. The Trntbl is billed as the first ‘Internet of Things’ record player, bringing wireless streaming and social music sharing to your 12-inch tunes.

The deck claims to be able to identify what it’s playing in real-time, and can then share that song information on social media. Track information can also be shared with Spotify, adding your vinyl plays to your recently listened to streams.

It’s also a wireless turntable, capable of streaming your music to Bluetooth and AirPlay-enabled speakers and headphones, and to any Sonos system - appearing as a ‘music service’ and allowing you to stream your vinyl records around your home.

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The Trntbl has been produced by Vnyl (opens in new tab), a vinyl record subscription service in the US. Nick Alt, founder of Vnyl said: “We look forward to connecting a new generation of vinyl lovers by way of the built-in sharing and community features of Trntbl.”

It’s available to pre-order now in cream and gold or black and gold for $351 but will increase to $420 when it begins shipping in summer 2016.

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