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The Trntbl can stream to AirPlay and Bluetooth headphones and speakers, as well as Sonos, and can identify the records that you’re listening to and share the information online.

If you’re a fan of marrying the best of the analogue world with the advantages of digital audio - and enjoy removing consonants from words - then the Trntbl could be for you. The Trntbl is billed as the first ‘Internet of Things’ record player, bringing wireless streaming and social music sharing to your 12-inch tunes.

The deck claims to be able to identify what it’s playing in real-time, and can then share that song information on social media. Track information can also be shared with Spotify, adding your vinyl plays to your recently listened to streams.

It’s also a wireless turntable, capable of streaming your music to Bluetooth and AirPlay-enabled speakers and headphones, and to any Sonos system - appearing as a ‘music service’ and allowing you to stream your vinyl records around your home.

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The Trntbl has been produced by Vnyl, a vinyl record subscription service in the US. Nick Alt, founder of Vnyl said: “We look forward to connecting a new generation of vinyl lovers by way of the built-in sharing and community features of Trntbl.”

It’s available to pre-order now in cream and gold or black and gold for $351 but will increase to $420 when it begins shipping in summer 2016.

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