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Unitilite vs Unitiqute 2

I am looking to buy a network streaming solution. So far, my choice has come down to either the unitilite or the unitiqute 2. I would like to know what is the main difference in terms of sound between the two (and if there is a big difference in terms of features other than the CD). Does the 20 more W make a big difference in terms of bass handling and image definition. I will be driving a pair of B&W 704.

Thank you.

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RE: Unitilite vs Unitiqute 2

Hi Prudz,

The UnitiQute 2 is a great unit but if I was you I would definately go for the UnitiLite, it definately has a more open sound with better drive and controlled bass, in my opinion the extra 20wpc is quite noticeable on anything other than small bookshelf speakers. 

As for features, they both run the same firmware and other than cd playback on the Lite they both have the same functions across the board

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RE: Unitilite vs Unitiqute 2

Agreed - I auditioned both and went with the Lite.

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RE: Unitilite vs Unitiqute 2

If it were me I might be inclined to splash another 150 quid on the UnitiQute + NAP100. I don't have a need for the disc player (the mech of which feels a bit cheap in the Lite, IMO) and I think the Qute looks really cool on top of another half size box. Call me shallow...

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