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CA Minx Air 200 or Sonos 5?

Which do I go for? CA Air Minx 200 or Sonos 5?

Can anyone comment on which they would buy? And why?


Many thanks.  :grin:

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RE: CA Minx Air 200 or Sonos 5?

Well, I'd buy the Play:5 because I already have Sonos and I don't know anything about the CA thing but that probably doesn't help you very much...

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RE: CA Minx Air 200 or Sonos 5?

The Minx Air 200 has both AirPlay and Bluetooth, so you can stream music wirelessly from a wide variety of devices; Sonos has Spotify integrated and is ideal if you want to expand to a multiroom music system as it uses its own 'wireless mesh', which is more robust than wi-fi.

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