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MP3 player -audio books and podcasts

Hi all,


I have an old Archos 204 mp3 player that I've used for listening to audio books and podcasts for many a year. Unfortunately the screen has dimmed so much it's virtually unusable and so the machine needs replacing.

My replacement player MUST have the ability to place multiple bookmarks. This is essential. Many players used to have this facility but seemingly few do so now,

I'm not bothered about video or showing photo's on it as all it will be used for is audio books and podcasts. I download free books from my library website and also use mp3 cd audio books so any compaptibility with Audible.com isn't necessary.

The player would preferably have physical buttons though I could tolerate a touch screen interface if need be.

I thought of using a basic Android phone just as an mp3 player. Is there any reason why I could not do this? I see the Samsung Galaxy Europa is available at Carphone Warehouse for £35 plus top up on PAYG. If this is the route I follow is it possible to switch off phone signal so as it does not search for signal? I don't wish to have the phone transmit micrto waves (or whatever they transmit...) through my body for 6 to 8 hours per day or I'd used my existing smartphone as a palyer.

Less than £80 would be nice! I've no problem with refurbished goods.


Thanks in anticipation Smile .

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RE: MP3 player -audio books and podcasts

I have an iPod nano 5G which is a few years old. We have a couple of audiobooks on CDs. Thanks to an Applescript I have been able to turn these into bookmarkable files. It works really well.


If you don't have a Mac, here's a nice page on how to convert Audiobook CDs into bookmarkable AAC files (mb4)


For audiobooks I can really recommend the combination of iTunes and iPods. 


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RE: MP3 player -audio books and podcasts

sansa clip every time.


continues where you finished on books.  Small, cheap, fantastic sound quality and just drag and drop stuff on to it, no faffing about with extra software.

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