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Yamaha A500

HiI have been looking at a Yamaha A500 amp locally for sale, and wondered if anybody knew what it would be worth? I cant find out much online about, but the seller assures me it was a top end amp of its time (around 1984). I would be really grateful if anyone on here could give me some info, so I know what I am buying and wether I am paying a fair price for it Smile



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Re: Yamaha A500


I have the Yamaha ax-500 amp from around 1987-88, its probably a newer version of it.

It got a recommendation in hifi choice magazine back then, rated at 85 w a channel. It was a nice sounding amp, quite balanced tonally, better than the average amps of the time like kenwood, denon etc. Probably similar to the marantz and nads of the time. I do have a review here is you want me to quote it.

I actually got mine improved after a couple of year use. Added caps in the power supply and silver cable in the main signal path, which improved it considerably. You also must remember its over 25 yrs old if yours is in 1984, but then again if its been looked after it should be okay. Some of the older amps sound nicer than some of the newer ones. I probably wouldnt pay anymore than $150- $200 (AUS) though.Smile



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Re: Yamaha A500
Some of the older amps sound nicer than some of the newer ones.

How true is that! Of them all, my current amp is probably the best I've owned full stop and would happily sit amongst amps costing £1000 today (and having compared to a Harman Kardon HK990 and a Leema Pulse not so long ago, that's no idle claim). More of a risk with older ones to some degree, a bit more TLC needed, but finding the right one can be very rewarding. Higher performance, lower cost. Hope the Yammy works out for you!

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