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Sierra-1 speakers any idea, WHF reviewers?

The above speakers from a USA distributor Ascend acoustics, seem to be getting some good feedback there, any idea when WHF might be reviewing these? Are they as good as they claim to be? They build the cabinet out of bamboo Smile Hope the WHF reviewers can take note.... http://www.ascendacoustics.com/pages/products/speakers/SRM1/srm1.html I am interested in knowing how they compare to the ATC SCM11, harbeth C7-ES3 and the likes. Thanks

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Re: Sierra-1 speakers any idea, WHF reviewers?

As far as I can see, these speakers are only sold online, from the States, and this would make it a bit tricky for UK readers to hear them and buy them, what with UK taxes/duties adding around 22% to the price and what are probably relatively high shipping costs.

However, if Ascend is reading this and would care to ship a pair for review, might be interesting to consider them with my 'other' hat on - after all, Gramophone does have a US edition...

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Re: Sierra-1 speakers any idea, WHF reviewers?

Ok, I shall post some comments on the Ascend Forum and see what Dave thinks about sending you guys a pair....

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