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Monitor Audio Bx2 + Xonar essence stx + what amp? Begginner needs help


FIrstly, I am a completley green begginner, noob, uninformed, no nothing, newcomer to hi-fi setups! I have already searched around alot of forums looking for answers, but they often don't hit the nail on the head for me, or rather just confuse me more.

Here is my situation:

I am purchasing a new pc system with the Asus Xonar essence stx sound card installed. 



I am purchasing the Monitor Audio Bronze Bx2 speakers (pair of two)  



What I DO know, is that I need an "amp" inbetween them. It need's to be powerful enough to drive the speakers properly, so they don't lose any power, and so there is no loss in audio quality or signal quality between the sound card and speakers etc.  However, I do not need a lot of extra features etc from the amp, just the required power, and quality to get satisphying results from my speakers, and not underuse them. Another complication is, I've spent a whole lot, and I mean a whole lot on the pc system, monitor and the speakers, and now I find I need this amp... having to spend another set of hundreds on the amp as well kind of mind crushes me. But If my speakers will suffer power or quality loss unless I spend a certain amount I have no choice. 

So this is my dialemma. Can someone please tell me my options? A good recommended amp that serves the lossless but (hopefully) money saving function? Also, How can I know it will match up well with my equipment? Finally, am I missing anything? is there another part I would need ideally, or is absolutlely required?

I know the chances are some people will be saying stuff like, "You want the best, you gotta pay for it". But I'm just hoping that the more expensive amp options are due to many features and connections that I don't necessarily need. 

This setup will be focused on high quality music playback (flacs, cd's etc) , but I am also a gamer, movie lover.

Any help, advice would be greatly appreciated, and please remmember I'm not familiur with to many technical terms etc, this is my first attempt at an entry audiophile setup.

Thank you for your time -

Myles Thomas



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BUMP! Question update!

I apologize for the double post, and it pains me to do this but.... BUMP! Also, another possibly problem solving enquirey- I Have realized that I had a vintage hifi hiding in my house! An Aiwa CX-ZVR750K hifi to be specific! It has a 6ohm connection for stereo speakers, and originally came with a stereo set (almost) twice the size of the Bx2's. It also came with a much smaller three set of 2 speaker's and subwoofer. It could only run either the three set or two set at once, not both. Unfortunately, I cannot find any mention of the wattage to each of the big 2 speakers, and the user manual is kind of lost. Also the internet has been no help finding the exact specs to this hifi system. However I did find that the much smaller set was 40watts each, with a 30watt subwoofer. Also the total wattage of the hifi is 160watts. So, doing the math, I figured if it was providing 110watts divided between the three set, and leaving 50watts over to power the main system, then logically the 2 big speakers should be getting 55watts each, leaving 50 over again for the main system. Of course, I'm making this assumption because both the 3 and 2 set speakers came with the system and where purpose made for it. So I'm ruling out unused leftover wattage from the total as a possibility. Firstly, forgive me if I'm getting this wrong. Secondly, If I am right, will this work? Are their any risks? And finally, does anyone here know this model of hifi by chance? Just to mention, I've read that a 6ohm amp is perfectly fine with 8ohm speakers, but that they'll simply be more quiet. And If My hifi IS providing 55watts to each speaker, then due to their 30-100watt allowance, there shouldn't be a problem there either? Oh and, would anyone know where I might be able to get a definite full specification for this hifi system Aiwa Cx-ZVR750K, or download a service manual? This system was bought about 10 years ago by my dad, and it was worth 400gbp back then. Aiwa was bought out by Sony since then, of course. All help greatly appreciated!

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RE: Monitor Audio Bx2 + what amp? Begginner needs help

Bump? I thought this was supposed to be a helpful website. :poke: I've already looked around forums, but they don't cover this exact problem... Can't anyone give me a hand here?  :help:

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RE: Monitor Audio Bx2 + Xonar essence stx + what amp

Try with Marantz PM 6004 ;

2 x 45 watt sms.

Great match for your speakers

Cambridge Audio 640C > Chord Cobraplus > Cambridge Audio 640A V2 > Monitor Audio Bx2 


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