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Sony BDP-S480 and Pioneer SC-LX75

I've recently bought a Sony BDP-S480 Blu Ray player and connected to my Pioneer SC-LX75 Receiver but I'm not seeing what I expected to see on the Pioneers display in terms of the audio signal. The only connection I have made between the two is via HDMI and I believe I have all the settings correct, but the Pioneers display is just showing PCM. I've tried using the HDMI Select on the remote but still not seeing any expected DTS or DD light up. Any suggestions please.  

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RE: Sony BDP-S480 and Pioneer SC-LX75

That's because your Sony player is decoding audio. Check your S480's settings, & allow it to bitstream audio. Your Pioneer will then decode it, & you'll see DTS etc light up in your receiver.

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RE: Sony BDP-S480 and Pioneer SC-LX75

Thanks bigboss, simple and brilliant and I'm a happy bunny. Thank you. If only Sony customer support had you in their team.

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