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Will i need to upgrade my av receiver?

Hi, I currently own an Onkyo TX-SR577 av receiver. I finally looking to upgrade my speaker package from a Tannoy FX 5.1. I'm mainly looking at the Q Acoustics 2000i 5.1 pack for about £530.00. However, I have also seen the Tannoy HTS101 pack for £325.00, which seems like a bargain. So my two question are: 1) Between the two speaker packages would I notice much difference for the additional £205.00, if I opted for the Q Acoustics? 2) Will my receiver be powerfull enough to get the best out of either of these packages (More so the Q Acoustics) or will I need to upgrade? Many thanks

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RE: Will i need to upgrade my av receiver?

The Q Acoustics set up would be a decent step up to the Tannoys. I recently set up a family member with the original 2000 series with the floorstanders as the fronts. This replaced his old Tannoy EFX 5.1. The difference was huge. His receiver is the Sony STR-DA3500ES so I would suggest your Onkyo could be improved but it's not essential.

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RE: Will i need to upgrade my av receiver?

Your onkyo will be fine to drive those, 130w per channel will be more than enough to drive the Q acoustics with ease. The Q acoustics power handling is 70 watts and 100 watts for the centre speaker, if anything dont ramp up the volume too high!

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