This award-winning, five-star 48-inch Philips OLED TV is down to its lowest-ever price

Philips 48-inch OLED807 TV
(Image credit: Philips)

Philips’ excellent 48-inch OLED807 TV is down to £1000 over at RicherSounds when you use the limited-time promo code FLASH200. 

The launch price for this size of OLED807 was £1500, so to be able to now grab a TV of this quality for a grand is not bad at all. 

We put the Philips OLED807 through its paces in October last year and were impressed with its ‘exceptionally sharp and punchy image’ and ‘substantial overall feature set’. 

We also noted that "on performance terms it’s right up there with the very best in class, surpassing them in areas such as punch, sharpness and shadow detail, and yet it costs a fair bit less" – and now it’s even cheaper!

Traditionally we would recommend either the LG C2 or C3 OLED TVs, but in this case, the price of the Philips OLED807 is low enough and the feature set is strong enough that we think it’s definitely worth a look. 

In terms of features, this TV includes four HDMIs, three USBs, an optical output and a traditional 3.5mm headphone socket. Two of the four HDMIs are 48Gbps 2.1 compatible with full support for 4K/120Hz, with one of those also capable of handling eARC. All four of the HDMIs support VRR and ALLM. The TV also supports Dolby Vision gaming and has HGiG for more accurate HDR in games.

Utilising VRR (variable refresh rate) means the TV will be able to change its frame rate in sync with the constantly shifting frame rate of any game, allowing you to avoid nasty screen-tearing. 

ALLM (auto low latency mode) means the display can communicate and detect whether it’s playing a game or video source, allowing it to automatically engage its fast-response preset, where appropriate. 

As with other Philips OLEDs, this TV also features Ambilight. For those of you not familiar, Ambilight involves a series of LEDs embedded around the rear of the TV that extend the on-screen picture onto the wall behind and around the TV by shining coloured light. A nice feature for those looking for extra colour and ambience. 

The OLED807 also makes use of Android TV 11, giving you access to most streaming services.


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