The best Earfun Air deals 2024

Best Earfun Air deals
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Looking for a pair of wireless earbuds that won't break the bank? Then you'll no doubt be interested to learn that we called the Earfun Air some of the "best in-ear headphones buds under £75". And if you can get them at a discount below, so much the better! While there are now newer alternatives – as you can see in our long list of the best wireless earbuds deals – these are still fine value.

Earfun might be a relative unknown but the Hong Kong audio outfit has produced a great pair of earbuds, with a waterproof spec and good sound. They typically sell for less than half the price of a pair of Apple AirPods and you might find an extra saving or two below.

After a pair of cheap wireless earbuds with noise-cancelling? The Sony WF-C500 are also worth considering, not to mention the AirPods 3.

At first glance, the Earfun Air true wireless earbuds may seem too good to be true. For £55 (or less, if you can pick up a deal) you get Bluetooth 5.0 support, voice assistance, two mics per earpiece and a wireless charging case that supports Qi wireless charging. Most big-name wireless earbuds with similar spec sheets would command three-figure prices.

The Earfun Air are also IPX7 rated, so they should suit most outdoor pursuits. Battery life stands at an impressive 7 hours for the buds themselves (plus another 28 hours from the supplied carry case).

There are also touch controls and in-ear detection tech to pause playback when you remove them. Functions such as pausing with a double-tap (you hear a reassuring ‘bop’ tone) and resuming playback are also flawless in their execution.

Do the Earfun Air sound as good as a five-star earbuds at triple the price? No. But until August 2020, when our review was published, we’d never awarded five stars to a set of budget true wireless headphones.

We praised their "energetic" sound and noted that, "while similar budget-friendly headphones can come off somewhat congested, here the design of the driver and earpiece allows for a pleasant and spacious presentation."

Put simply, if you're in the market for cheap AirPods rivals, don't be put off by the quirky name of this plucky Hong Kong-based outfit.


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