Digital cables are key in various audio set-ups, and in our experience you can improve on the freebie example that came bundled with your system...

There are three common types of digital interconnect cables: coaxial, optical and USB. And with the rise of digital media, picking the appropriate cable for your system as important as it's ever been.

So if you've moved away from 'traditional' hi-fi and need a cable that can support your digital system, these make for a great fit.

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Best USB cable under £50

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Best optical cable under £50

QED Performance Graphite Optical

Reviewed on 7th August 2008 at

Tested at £40

An Award-winning cable that's fantastic value for money and a significant upgrade on a free bundled wire.

If you're running a CD transport into a DAC, or perhaps an older games console into a home cinema amp, we feel it brings sufficient sonic improvements to make it worthwhile.

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Best coaxial cable under £50