Best digital audio cables


There are three common types of digital interconnect cables: coaxial, optical and USB. And with the rise of digital media, picking the appropriate cable for your system as important as it's ever been.

So if you've moved away from 'traditional' hi-fi and need a cable that can support your digital system, these make for a great fit.

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Best USB cable under £50

Supra USB 2.0

Tested at £29If your system includes an external DAC, then in our opinion a decent USB cable can make a noticeable difference. This Supra cable doesn't look particularly special, but it's a fine (and affordable) performer.

Reasons to Buy
Relaxed sound makes it an easy listen
Reasons to Avoid
Cheap-looking construction
sound could be a little cleaner

Best optical cable under £50

QED Performance Graphite Optical

Tested at £40An Award-winning cable that's fantastic value for money and a significant upgrade on a free bundled wire.If you're running a CD transport into a DAC, or perhaps an older games console into a home cinema amp, we feel it brings sufficient sonic improvements to make it worthwhile.

Reasons to Buy
Accurate and competent
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing at this price

Best coaxial cable under £50

QED Performance Coaxial

Tested at £30Although coaxial connnections are less common than their optical counterparts, the benefits a cable upgrade can bring still apply - and this QED offering is a great option for the money.

Reasons to Buy
Twin electrical screening
clean vibrant and detailed sound
Reasons to Avoid