Digital cables are key in various audio set-ups and in our experience you can buy better quality than a free bundled wire. We've rounded up the best options

There are three common types of digital interconnect cables: coaxial, optical and USB and with the rise of digital media picking the right cable for your system is more important than ever.

Like an analogue interconnect, a digital audio cable can help make the most of a system, removing the need to spend your cash on a new hi-fi separate for a fraction of the price.

So if you're moving away from traditional hi-fi and need a cable that can support your new system, these three cables make for a great fit.

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QED Performance Graphite Optical

Reviewed on 7th August 2008 at

Tested at £40

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An Award-winning cable that's fantastic value for money and better than a free bundled wire.

If you're running a CD transport into a DAC, or perhaps an older games console into a home cinema amp, then we feel it brings more than enough sonic improvements to make it worth your while.

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