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TCL announces ultra-slim OD Zero Mini-LED TVs

TCL's TVs are getting slimmer than ever
(Image credit: Future)

Affordable TV brand TCL has announced a new TV tech, at CES 2021, that allows its sets to be slimmer and better performing than ever. The TCL OD Zero Mini-LED TVs eliminate the optical distance (OD) between the Mini-LED backlight layer and the LCD screen, creating an ultra-thin build and imaging advantages.

The Hong Kong-based firm claims that the tech delivers striking brightness with "even richer colours, precise contrast, and smooth uniformity". The idea is that by reducing the distance between the light source and the diffuser plate, it reduces refractive errors, helping to minimise haloing and increasing precision. 

TCL has, so far, stopped short of announcing any TVs featuring this tech, though. These will be detailed later in the year. It also hasn't said exactly how slim we should expect this new generation of TVs to be.

TCLs Mini-LED TVs use thousands of mini LED backlights, local dimming zones (adjustable in real time) and a brand new lens design in what the company hopes will be a more nuanced and contrast-rich viewing experience.

It showed off its first Mini-LED TV in 2018, and launched the first consumer model the next year. In 2020, it launched the very affordable 6 Series Mini-LED TV.

The company has reiterated its commitment to 8K and quantum dot technologies which it will develop along with Mini LED.


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