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T+A celebrates 40th anniversary with new Criterion speakers and mono power amplifier

High-end brand T+A is celebrating its 40th birthday with a new line-up of Criterion CTL loudspeakers and M 40 HV mono power amplifier, both unveiled at the Munich High End Show 2018.

Consisting of three floorstanders, the S 2200 CTL, S 2100 CTL and S 2000 CTL, the newly developed range is designed to be more compact, yet more powerful and capable, than its predecessors.

All three floorstanders feature two bass drivers, a 'wide-range' mid-range driver and a new type of 'super treble' dome tweeter made of treated textile. The speakers also incorporate a new transmission line design and improved driver units, and are claimed to deliver refinement, a 'superlative dispersion pattern' and 'astonishingly spacious sound'.

The main difference between the three models is size: the S 2200 is the top model with the tallest cabinet and largest drivers (22cm), the S 2100 sits in the middle at a metre high, while at 95cm tall, the S 2000 is the smallest and slimmest of the line-up.

Meanwhile, the M 40 HV power amp is designed to meet the 'highest audiophile demands'. Built with high-quality components, all amplifier stages of the M 40 HV are designed to operate in a purely linear fashion to minimise unwanted distortion.

The input stage uses valve amplification and the output stage is duplicated – each of these output amplifiers is capable of delivering up to 1000W, and is connected to a pair of speaker terminals. This way you can either wire the amp in a parallel manner (to maximise the power output) or in a bi-amp configuration (where separate signals are fed to the bass and midrange/high frequencies).

Prices are yet to be confirmed, but this is the High End Show - so expect some rather hefty price tags.


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