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Roksan goes upmarket with Blak series CD player and amp

Roksan's portfolio of hi-fi electronics has, up until now, topped out with the company's Award-winning Caspian M2 CD player and stereo amplifier. Blak sees the company shift up a gear and to a new price point.

The Blak integrated amp (pictured above, £2750) features three pairs of RCA analogiue inputs, a pair of XLRs and a moving magnet phono stage. There's Bluetooth aptX for high quality wireless streaming and a hi-res-compatible (24-bit/192kHz and DSD) USB Type-B input. Power is a claimed 180W (into 8ohms) per channel.

Its party piece is a dedicated heapdhone amp with its own independent power supply and power switch - when in use, the amp switches off its speaker outputs to concentrate on driving your headphones.

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Roksan's Blak CD player (£2500) features optical, coaxial and XLR digital outputs in addition to RCA and XLR analogue outputs. It uses a specially isolated CD mechanism to reduce effects of unwanted vibrations and like its sibling, is available in a choice of three finishes: Anthracite, Charcoal and Opium.

Roksan claim it's a range that should "grow steadily over time", so who knows what other compents we could see further down the line. A standalone DAC, or music streamer perhaps?