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Cyber Monday deal: Cambridge Audio TV5 v2 soundbase now half-price

Cyber Monday deal: Cambridge Audio TV5 v2 soundbase now half-price
(Image credit: Cambridge Audio)

The generous folk at Cambridge Audio have embraced Cyber Monday and dropped the five-star TV5 v2 soundbase down to half-price. You can now pick up this sonically-superb home cinema bargain for £150.

If you've been making do with your TV's built-in speakers, this budget 'base will be something of a revelation, delivering a full midrange and a good amount of dynamism across any input.

Cambridge Audio TV5 v2 Soundbase £299 £150 at Cambridge Audio
We awarded Cambridge's sonically-superb soundbase five stars. Now that you can save £150, it's an even more attractive proposition, offering fantastic performance at an affordable price point.
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The first TV5 soundbase delivered punchy bass and powerful sound at an affordable price. This second generation model builds on that success, with a new digital sound processor (DSP) for converting digital signals into audio and a HDMI input for playing high-res audio.

The lack of a digital display has a slight impact on ease-of-use, but it's unlikely to be a deal-breaker (especially given the £150 saving). 

Ultimately, Cambridge Audio knows how to make a soundbase that sounds good, which should be motivation enough for splashing out £150 on this freshly-minted Cyber Monday bargain.

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