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Boxing Day sales: Huge discounts on Denon's awesome AV amps

Big discounts on Denon's 2018 home cinema amplifiers

2018's been a great year for Denon's home cinema amplifiers, with two models receiving What Hi-Fi? Awards and another being awarded a full five-star rating - and now the entire range is available at a heavily reduced price.

Thanks to these discounts you can now have a brand new Denon AVR in your lounge for just £399, while the flagship model has shed £500.

Our pick? The Award-winning AVR-X3500H, which we tested at £899 but is now available for just £599. That's a bonafide bargain.

That aforementioned entry-level model is the AVR-X2500H, which we gave five stars to back in August. At Awards time it was just beaten by the Sony STR-DN1080, which was available for less, but at £399 the Denon is astonishing value.

The step-up from the AVR-X3500H is the AVR-X4500H, which is a model we haven't tested. Its specs certainly stack up, though, boasting two extra channels over the X3500H and taking the maximum configuration to a tasty 9.2.

It launched at £1499 but is now available for £949. That's an absolutely massive discount.

View the Denon AVR-X4500H on Sevenoaks

Next up is the AVC-X6500H, which won our premium home cinema amplifier Award this year at its original price of £2349. It's now down to £1699, which is a saving of £650. Nice.

Finally, there's the AVC-X8500H - the current top of Denon's home cinema amplifier range and an absolute beast that will power a full 13.2-channel system. It was £3499 but has dropped £500 to £2999.


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